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Apply now for your 2018 card!

  • Advantage card to gain benefits and special discounts from 50+ partners
  • 98+ nationalities and growing
  • Complimentary Value Card for annual REPS Fitness Center members
The main goal of the CSA is to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our community members to fulfill our mission.  In this spirit, we created the CSA Value Card as a mean of keeping the CSA creed of being your “home away from home”.

The CSA Value Card Objectives and Benefits

  • Improve service to the community
  • Enforce the expatriate traffic flow
  • Fulfill the CSA mission and vision of serving the expatriate community
  • REPS members (1 year+ members) receive complimentary CSA Value Card
  • Free WIFI access
  • Better access to the CSA facilities
  • Value discount and benefits at select partners and businesses 
Application Requirements

  • Completed application form
  • Valid passport / ID
  • Personal photo for all adult applicants (18+ years)
  • Value card fees (single / family)
CSA Value Card Rules and Policies

  • Applying for the value card 
  • All applications will be accepted for review
  • Priority approval:
  • Foreign passport holders
  • Yearly REPS members (complimentary CSA Value Card)
  • Current members in CSA departments (La Boutique, REPS) 
  • Long standing loyal CSA community members
  • CSA Patrons
  • Value Card applications must be completed and signed, along with a recent passport size picture submitted. All information shared is kept strictly confidential.
 Annual fees:
Single (1 Value Card)  – 30 USD
Family (2 Value Cards)  – 50 USD (10% Discount)

  • Value Card is non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Value Card will not be frozen for vacation unless on a force majeure situation
  • Expired value cards need  to renew 30 days before expiration date
  • Replacing a lost value card holds a fee of 20USD per card
  • CSA reserves the right to cancel / revoke a value card at any time without prior notice
  • CSA reserves the right to deny application
  • CSA is a private property: suspected fraud, misrepresentation, abuse, vandalism and violation of CSA rules and regulations, or creating an insurgence or disturbance will result in cancellation of card
  • CSA reserves the right to change/modify policies at its own discretion without prior notice. Information on the subject is disseminated on appropriate CSA media.
  • All interpretations of CSA rules and regulations shall be at CSA's sole discretion.

Download the application form here

Value Card Application

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Download the application form here.

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