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La Boutique is a consignment shop where you can buy and sell 
nearly new pre-owned clothing, household items, accessories, 
children’s toys, and much more.

 Why shop and sell with us?

-Hassle free selling!

-No unnecessary bargaining
-Free shopping for everyone!

-No purchase fees!

Opening Hours

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday, 9.00am-4.00pm, Saturday, 9.00am-2.00pm
Drop-off hours: Saturday, Tuesday & Thursday, 10.00am-2.00pm

Contact us at: laboutique@livinginegypt.org

A Glance into our Shop


Advantages of Selling

  • Don’t have to deal with a deluge of phone calls
  • Don’t have to run home for appointments with potential buys
  • Items can be inspected first hand by potential buys without inviting strangers into your home
  • Don’t have to deal with unnecessary bargaining

Policies and Guidelines

Consignment Annual Fee (CSA members) – 300LE  (non refundable and non transferable)
Consignment Annual Fee (CSA non-members) – 400LE  (non refundable and non transferable)

  • Clothing should be like new and relatively current styles (within the last 2-3years).
  • All clothing must be freshly laundered (within 1 week) completely free of smoke or other odors, wrinkles, stains, holes, fading or excessive wear.
  •  Undergarments and bathing suits must have tags attached.
  •  Electronic or mechanical items should be in excellent working condition.
  •  Clothing will be accepted according to season. Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.
* Must present a copy of current foreign passport
* Consigner application must be completed and signed
* Consigner’s id card is required  at the time of drop off
* Prices are determined by La Boutique staff. If consigner wishes to request price on certain items they may do so at the time of drop off
* Consigner receives 50% of sales price
* Maximum of 30 items per month to be dropped off
* Consignment period is for 2 months
* List of items will be given with date of collection of money and any unsold items
* Consigner will be notified by email for the collection of money and unsold items
* La Boutique reserves the right to refuse any items unfit for sale
* La Boutique reserves the right to reduce prices the week items are to be pulled. If member has any concerns please see Supervisor
* Consigner has 90 days to collect any money from sales
* Consigner has 2 weeks to collect any unsold items. After 2 weeks items are donated to charity
* Consigner’s responsibility to keep track for the status of their account

Fees, guidelines and rules are subject to change without prior notice. Continued use of La Boutique after any changes are made constitutes your acceptance of such changes.

La Boutique is not responsible for damaged or lost items.

Advantages of Shopping

  • Designer styles, bargain prices
  • Style selection, not just limited to current trends
  • Inventory changes on a daily basis
  • Treasure hunt, you never know what you are going to find

La Boutique News

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Latest Fashion Show

See photos of our latest Fashion Show:

CSA La Boutique Spring 2016 Fashion Show
CSA La Boutique Spring 2016 Fashion Show
CSA La Boutique Spring 2016 Fashion Show
CSA La Boutique Spring 2016 Fashion Show
CSA La Boutique Spring 2016 Fashion Show
CSA La Boutique Spring 2016 Fashion Show

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