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Remembering Flavia: In the Words of the CSA Board & Staff

By Oasis Staff Writer

July 01, 2017

In the words of CSA Chairman of the Board, Tom Maher...

“I first met Flavia four years ago, when she came to visit me at my Maadi office shortly after I relocated from Australia. Curt Ferguson, who I replaced as Board Chairman at CSA and who I knew at American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, kept insisting that I needed to meet this very special woman named Flavia. After 3-4 calls from Curt, I agreed to meet with Flavia. Curt did not tell me that Flavia would be trying to convince me to join the CSA Board of Directors. I think Curt knew if he asked me himself, I would simply say I was too busy, so he sent his secret weapon … Flavia.  

But how can anyone say no to Flavia? She had such a natural gift for inspiring people to service for others. I believe that is why the CSA team has such a wonderful ability to work together and get things done, in good times and bad. This natural gift from God is also why Flavia and the CSA team put on the most fun and successful fundraiser that any organization I know.

So needless to say, after my initial meeting with Flavia four years ago, I agreed to join the CSA Board and immediately became fast friends with this energetic, passionate, delightful person with the most infectious smile of anyone I have met.”

In the words of former CSA Chairman of the Board, Curt Ferguson...

“No one had more energy for CSA and Maadi than Flavia … Perhaps we need to rename that rickety old building that she kept reminding us was ‘key to our community’. Every summer, she would tell me (usually after the fact), that she spruced up this and that ... She bartered something from someone, she changed this to get a deal on that ... Her energy for what was once a tired place was contagious.

Flavia once told me ‘You know you really don't need to pay me to do this, I love it ... but I have convinced Farouk that I spend all my time on this because of the salary!’

Rereading her note to the Board that she wrote a week before she passed, she was fighting cancer but sending Cees off with a ‘Flavia farewell’ ... amazing. 

May we all smile when we think of her tireless optimism. In my 37 years in business, we have never made a better hire. I hope one day I can make that many people smile! This one really hurts … please say goodbye for me.”

In the words of CSA staff...

“In March 2012, I spent almost 2 hours on the phone convincing Flavia to apply for the position as our Executive Director. I knew then that she was the right person for the position. She represented life with passion and compassion. She was full of energy, truly charismatic, and a very caring. I am truly in disbelief and cannot bring myself to accept Flavia is no longer here with us. We grieve for losing you, but your legacy will always hold us together. We will continue your dream and vision at the CSA and we promise to protect your beloved organization.” – Denden Alcantara, General Manager.

“Flavia became a life mentor, a true caring friend, sister, and sometimes surrogate mother. I saw her as a ‘democratic authoritarian’ who paid too much attention to detail - a perfectionist. She was very creative in a non-conventional way, and a simple yet complex person who empowered all who work with her by trusting in them and pushing them to always do their best.” – Riham El-Mograby, Business Development & Communications Manager.

“Always believe in yourself – Flavia’s words to me always. She was a role model to look up to. I will never forget the laughs, the experiences shared, and her loving nature will forever be in my heart.” – Heba Azzam, On-Site Manager.

“Flavia used to introduce me as ‘My Favorite’ in CSA. She was a great boss, respected & loved as a friend, even like a sister. We will always remember her kind heart, her lovely smile, and her unique personality. God bless her soul.” – Lama Al Hammuri, Events Manager.

“She was very expressive in her warmth, appreciating the hard work when no one else would. Her hugs were priceless. But more than anything else I am moved by her forgiveness and compassion, and her ownership to shield the people whom she trusted even if they made a mistake. Her smile and attitude in life will remain with me always!” – Verna Pinto, Finance Manager.

“Flavia was a very active person who was full of life. She was the kind of person that within 5 minutes of meeting her, you felt like you could tell her anything and talk with her for hours about all sorts of things, even personal stories.” – Sherif Hamdy, Operations Manager.

“Thanks Flavia, today I’m part of this wonderful CSA family that is CSA because of you. You believed in me, trusted me, and encouraged me with your smile and your positive way of looking at life, reinforcing the REPS mentality to never give up. We will never forget you and we will always make you proud of us.” - Francesca D’Andrea, REPS Fitness Center Manager.

“Flavia was a true role model of strength, elegance, and utmost class … I will never forget her!” – Kim Hampton, REPS Fitness Center Supervisor.

“She was a super role model. Strong, independent, beautiful, charismatic, dynamic, and such a pure soul. I’m definitely sure that she lived big volumes during her life.” – Maha Salem, REPS Annex Coordinator.

“I really admired her strength in facing her illness. I thought she was a gentle, classy lady and I liked her very much.” – Rasha Tawfik, REPS Coordinator.

“Flavia was as kind as she was fierce. At CSA’s last gala, I cheek kissed Flavia hello and accidentally got lipstick on both of her cheeks. Instead of getting upset, she laughed, rubbed in the color, and said ‘thanks for the blush!’ What a graceful woman.” – Laura Logan, Media & Communications Coordinator.

“Flavia, I will always remember your beautiful smile. Those were the days we volunteered together for the CAC PTO in 2008 and 2009.” – Samia Wadman, Gift Shop Supervisor.

 “Flavia was charismatic with the soul of a celebrity. I loved her strong personality, great sense of humor, and extensive knowledge. She was one of a kind, with elegance and high taste in everything. She will be missed dearly.” – Sara Salem, PR Supervisor.

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