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Corners of Cairo: Where to Go in the North Coast

By Heba Azzam & Perry Ahmed

With summer in full swing, we decided to take you out of Cairo’s corners this month, choosing 3 idyllic spots away from the chaotic roads and city noise.. Call it “Corners of Egypt”, if you will! The North Coast a.k.a “Sahel” offers a perfect escape with fresh air and clear blue sea. Egypt’s

North Coast has been developing and expanding for the past 10 years, building up most of the 500km stretch of coastline with hundreds of compounds and resorts. The further you go towards Al-Alamein, the nicer the beach and landscapes become. Al-Alamein is known for its stunning

resorts, blue waters and newly designed compounds; with more restaurants, nightlife and beautiful sandy coastline than most spots in Sahel. These are some of our personal favorites.


“We are swimming in paradise!” was the first thing that came to mind when we saw the crystal blue sea, immediately dipping our feet in the water and burrowing our toes into the pure white sand! No need to fly to Bora Bora for a sight like this, paradise is approximately 3 hours drive from Cairo. Lounging on the sun beds and sipping on fresh juices from the bar, we relaxed to the soothing sounds of the crashing waves. There is relaxing summery music in the background, which adds to the experience. Food and drink is available at the bar as well as a few shops on deck. Marassi beach has it all.

Hacienda Bay

We can spend most of our summer at this relaxing place. Hacienda Bay is another favorite beach location to visit; from small rented studios overlooking the lakes to Hacienda’s grand villas.

The beach is one of a kind. Not only is the sea crystal blue, but the landscape is uniquely designed to please the eye. Enjoy a swim in the pool overlooking the beach with a cocktail in your hand.

Take a dip in their lakes and soak up the sun. Hacienda Bay’s beach has two beach bars, one located by the pool and the other close to the seashore. Buy yourself a refreshing watermelon drink and enjoy a walk on the shore, listening to music and soaking in the sights.

Ghazallah Compound

If you’re looking for something mellow and less busy, check out the Ghazallah Compound and its hotel. Try spending a weekend in Rixos Alamein Hotel, which is known to be one of the best hotels in the area and conveniently located overlooking the beach. We highly recommend Gazallah’s beach due to its peaceful and family friendly atmosphere. The waters are calm and serene, and the whole family can enjoy the best of what the North Coast has to offer!

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