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What's cooking at CSA

Cooking classes for Home Chef’s and food lovers.
If you love food, friendship, and fun, our “What’s cooking at CSA” culinary program is for you. Our courses provide fun and hands-on learning in our open kitchen at CSA, restaurants in Cairo or chef's homes.
Our program includes:

* International cuisine
- explore the flavors of Thai, French, Italian cuisine.

Enjoy learning recipes from all over the world either in one session or a short course. Our classes use locally-available ingredients and are given by experienced cooks or professional chefs.

Culinary Experiences

Find out more about food with CSA.

We offer a wide range of cooking classes in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our classes are designed for anybody who loves trying out new flavors in good company. Cooking classes are usually held on-site with instructors demonstrating preparation of authentic dishes. During each class you can sample the prepared dishes. Additionally CSA offers cooking classes at special venues with professional chefs: so brush up on basic cooking skills, experience new cuisines and learn advanced culinary techniques.

Private Cooking Classes: If you would like one of our regular cooking classes set up just for you, your friends or visiting family then contact CSA program department to discuss availability.

10 reasons for cooking with CSA

  1. Indulge in good food from around the world
  2. Discover new flavors
  3. Learn in a relaxing, interesting and   entertaining environment
  4. Become part of the community
  5. Meet other people with the same interests: a passion to cook
  6. It’s never too late to learn new recipes
  7. Surprise your family with delicious dishes
  8. Spend your time in a  useful way 
  9. Intercultural interactions
  10. Geared to meet your needs

Upcoming Cooking Classes

Contact Information:
Phone: 01068828539
Booking online or in person
Our location and opening hours

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations should be made at least 3 working days prior to class in order to receive a refund.
To avoid cancellation of classes, please sign up 3 days in advance.
Thanks to all supporters

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