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Advertise in Oasis Magazine

Community Services Association (CSA) publishes a monthly magazine entitled Oasis - a premier magazine for the international expatriate community living and working in Greater Cairo. With a distribution of 5000 FREE copies throughout Cairo, we offer exciting opportunities to advertisers wanting to reach a large segment of the international community.

Benefits of advertising in the Oasis Magazine

  • Audience Selectivity
  • Cost-efficient
  • Targeted Distribution
  • Flexible Design Options
  • Reader Loyalty
  • High Quality Presentation
  • Extended “Pass-along” readership
  • 4-Color Production
  • Prestige - Authoritative Editorial Voice
  • Cross-Promotion Opportunities
  • Long Shelf Life/Permanence: Publication remains available past issue date in key locations as reference material.

Audience Characteristics

Readers are:

  • loyal and want this publication each month
  • expatriates living and working in Cairo
  • multi-national with 88+ nationalities
  • primary market are female, 30+ years of age, here with family, professional with a university education and above average household income

Secondary markets are the foreign professionals employed by international firms and organizations.

Overall buying habits are for quality products, premium customer service, flexibility and variety with lifestyle choice characterized by entertainment, travel, adventure and social.

As the flagship publication of the CSA the editorial environment of our magazine supports the mission of CSA and aims to:

  • Provide a sense of sharing and support that characterizes the needs and interests of the international expatriate community.
  • Be an exchange of information and resources to provide knowledge, practical tips, ideas, support and inspiration to the international expatriate community.
  • Be the source of information on being an expatriate living and working in Egypt.
  • Be dedicated and caring about the community we live in to foster awareness and appreciation for Egypt to support and encourage expatriates to develop their understanding, respect and enjoyment for the country in which they are living.
  • Assist the community to adapt to different stages of stay in Egypt, identify personal interests, strengths, increase confidence and enrich stay here.
  • Address issues of interest to and in the context of the international expatriate community.

Magazine Circulation

  • Oasis Magazine is published annually in ten (10) consecutive issues of Oasis (double
  • issues December/January & July/August)
  • Oasis Magazine is printed in 5000 FREE copies monthly
  • The publication is Free and available at the CSA and via controlled circulation to select
    distribution list throughout Greater Cairo and the localized vicinity of Maadi
  • Oasis Magazine distribution list includes embassies, cultural centers, multinational companies,
    international schools, major hotels, bookstores, fine dining restaurants, coffee shops, medical
    facilities and beauticians as well as other places where expatriates like to spend time
  • Secondary circulation from the extended “pass along” to more than 2 readers per copy
  • Publication is available on or before the 1st of the month
  • Oasis Magazine is also published online on CSA’s website in PDF Format. The PDF file is also
    shared on the CSA and Oasis Magazine Facebook and Instagram pages
  • All articles are published and shared online in the Articles section

Oasis Magazine

Rates and Contact

How to advertise

Rates, placement and frequency or volume opportunities can be discussed by contacting:

Oasis Magazine/Website Advertising Coordinator
Tel: (+202) 2358-5284/2358-0754
Mob: +2010 6882 8537 

Our advertising rates are highly competitive and can be found in every edition. We also offer highly attractive 1 year Advertising Contacts. By choosing a one-year contract, advertisers secure placement of their advertisements in ten (10) consecutive issues of Oasis (double issues December/January & July/August) and benefit from a 10 % discount.

Advert Specifications

Please review the following guidelines to understand the criteria for accepting advertisements in the Oasis Magazine:
Deadline for booking Ads is the first Tuesday of the Month prior to publication, artwork is accepted until the 10th of the month. Please book early as space is limited.
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