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Articles on Healthy Living

Visit the Information & Referral Center to pick up healthy living resources and don't forget the Health & Wellness shelves in the CSA Library...

Browse our articles on Healthy Living where you will gain more knowledge on nutrition, fitness and skin protection.

Whether you are well on your way, or you have decided that now is the time to start your journey toward a healthy lifestyle, CSA has resources for you. We can:

  • Show you ways to prevent disease and avoid potential threats to your health.
  • Support your efforts to stay healthy by offering information, resources, and services that will allow you to be in control of your health.
  • Offer you safe and healthy spaces and places to meet your friends and make new ones.
  • Provide tools to help you rise to the challenges of your daily life.
  • Assist you in your quest to maintain a positive outlook.

Sign up for classes and courses at the Program Desk. See the program.

Latest Articles on Health and Fitness

Latest Nutrition Articles

Latest Fitness Articles

There is no time like the present to further your journey towards a healthy lifestyle!

We have a growing number of activities to help improve you and your family's health. Click here for more information.

Resources for Healthy Living

  • CSA Activities - choose from health related cooking classes, trips and courses
  • Healthy living resources  - browse our Fact sheets or buy our Living in Egypt Toolkit
  • Learn Arabic to better understand and function in Egypt
  • Visit the Health & Wellness shelves in the Library for the topics you are interested in.
  • Join the Fitness Training Center - reduce your stress levels and build your inner strength at the gym
  • Look for free health screening opportunities.
  • Drop by CSA to enjoy events or just to meet friends at Café Greco.
  • See Serenity Center to get you back on your feet.
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