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Health Fact Sheets

We all know the frustration of moving to a new city without any contacts or knowing where to go to find what we need. The fact sheets below are a starting point to find the most essential information relating to you and your family’s health in Egypt - including what to pack before you come to Egypt, how to find a doctor, tips on preventing common illnesses, what to do to combat heat, and how to manage a medical emergency.

With these Fact Sheets you are only a click away from finding what you need to keep you and your family in the best health in Egypt!

Before you first arrive pdf Your vaccine checklist pdf
What medical items to pack before your move to Egypt
  Advice on which vaccinations to have before you come.
First aid kit pdf Finding health care providers pdf
Useful advice on what items to include in your First Aid Kit.
  Advice on where to find doctors, pediatricians, dentists etc
Avoid Heat Related Illness pdf Avoid dehydration pdf
How to prevent illness caused by heat.
  How to prevent dehydration caused by heat.
Look after your skin pdf Avoid Stomach Upset pdf
How to choose the right sunscreen.
  How to prevent stomach problems.
Preventing Infections pdf Your blood pressure pdf
How to avoid infections through preventing point of entry and strengthening your defences.
  How to manage your blood pressure and reduce high levels.
Being prepared for a medical emergency pdf  Having a baby in Cairo article
What you need to know to plan for a medical emergency   Read the experience of a fellow expatriate  
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