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Healthy Living

Healthy living is a balance of the mind, body and spirit which results in an overall feeling of well-being.

CSA has designed a series of programs and lectures that emphasizes the state of the entire being and its ongoing development.

Starting a new life abroad means a huge adjustment of your daily routine, your social network, and your whole way of life. Which means maintaining optimal wellness for your body, mind and spirit can be a challenge.

At CSA we offer a range of programs to help you maintain your well being during your stay in Egypt and also encourage personal development in a supportive environment.

CSA can help you find health resources in Egypt and provide you with health information such as fact sheets on pertinent health topics. Also available at the Information & Referral Desk.

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Wellness at CSA

Your mind is the only equipment you  need to achieve wellness.

Wellness: the desire to escape normal life and do something different that engages the mind, body and spirit.
Our goal is to improve the physical, mental and emotional health for our community. The Wellness Program has passion to share with you, if you decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle, or just need to nurture yourself.

We offer lectures, workshops and courses are running throughout the year. Topic may vary from homeopathy and reflexology to how to lose that extra weight or how to cope with diabetes.

Should you need to escape the hectic pace of Cairo - try Bliss Spa to experience total relaxation from head to toe. Book yourself in for a massage or facial with our professional and diverse experts.

Bliss Spa

Massage for Your Mind, Body and Soul.

Try “ Bliss Spa” at CSA to pamper yourself with the beauty services provided by our experts.
Book your treat now. Gift vouchers are also available.

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CSA Serenity Center

The place to keep you fit and healthy, body and soul!

CSA partners with key providers to keep you fit and healthy, body and soul which are BodyFit Egypt, Bodyworx Physiotherapy, Dr. Heba Hussein, Healing with Nature and the Lab.

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Bodyworx Physiotherapy

We Treat All Physical Therapy Problems.

Neck, Back and joint pain
Rehabilitation before and after surgery
Sports injury prevention and treatment
Postural problems

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Dr. Heba Hussein

Treatment for The Body and Face.

Plastic surgery and laser hair removal center and non Non Invasive Cosmetic Surgery.

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Health & Wellness Articles


What you need to keep you and your family in the best health in Egypt!

CSA provides you with the required articles and factsheets to find the most essential information relating to yours and your family’s health in Egypt.

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