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Our beautiful and unusual items for the home will bring a touch of Egypt to your kitchen, bathroom or living-room or be a delightful gift for someone special.  Either hand-crafted by local women entrepreneurs or benefitting local charities, they offer you a great way to help grow local women's business opportunities or support valuable causes in Egypt.  Click on the charity to find out more about their work.

Browse the selection below of our home range and then come in to the Village Gift shop to see what's new.


Guest Hand Towel

Embroidered hand towels with “Ahlan Wa Sahlan” meaning welcome in Arabic. An original and unique gift.

Nany Hana – Egyptian lady entrepreneur

Tablecloths and Napkins

Brightly colored “Khayameyya” print tablecloths in a variety of sizes. In vivid read, blue and green. Easily washable.

Charity – Fat’het Kheir


Brightly colored striped full length aprons not just for cooking but any activity around the house or school.

Charity – Amalna Home for Girls

Thanks to all supporters