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The Village Gift Shop offers a wide range of books- useful guidebooks, maps, language books and insights into life in Egypt.  We have selected some of the most popular in our online 'bookshelf' to give you just a taste of what's on offer! 

We have a great range of guidebooks, maps and now pocket guidebooks to all major tourist attractions and Arabic Language books too.

Arabic Phrasebooks

Berlitz Arabic Phrasebook and Dictionary
Berlitz redefines the phrase book with this completely revised and redesigned full-color edition of the Arabic Phrase Book and Dictionary. The perfect companion for a trip abroad, this user-friendly, color-coded guide offers assistance in conversing in a variety of travel-related situations. It features up-to-date language on technology, special needs, business and more, as well as an emphasis on conversational usage. New fonts and a clean layout, contemporary full-color photos, and a dictionary full of essential terms make this phrase book more ideal than ever before for any traveler. Includes:
  • More than 8,000 words and phrases arranged by topic for fast and easy communication
  • Easy, effective Berlitz pronunciation system
  • Comprehensive menu reader
  • Valuable language and culture tips
  • Useful and informative full-color photos throughout
Egyptian Arabic Phrasebook
Lonely Planet
  • Two way Dictionary
  • Guide to pronunciation and phrase-building
  • Practicalities - where to find a doctor, catch a bus or buy a deodorant
  • How to give directions to CSA


The Family Guide
by Lesley Lababidi
AUC Press
A fun easy to read guide with simple instructions to get you to all of the interesting areas in and around Cairo. It is well written, well organized, and most importantly, it is fun and useful to read .
Cairo Guide
Compiled by Claire E Francy
AUC Press
An indispensable guide to Cairo. The guide covers topics including leisure and learning, living in Cairo, work and research, Cairo Arabic – the basics and a helpful directory listing consumer goods, services and interests with phone numbers and addresses.
Egypt – the culture and smart guide to customs and etiquette
By Jailan Zayan
AUC Press
Offers illuminating insight into Egyptian culture and society. It will help you to turn your stay – whether on business or for pleasure – into a memorable and enriching experience.
Cairo Maps
AUC Press
This guide is compiled of 57 street maps with an easy to use format and clear, uncluttered style. Each page overlaps with adjoining pages – no more lost streets while turning the page. There are indexes for street names, cultural centres, embassies, hotels and places of interest.

Egypt Pocket Guides
Alberto Siliotti
AUC Press

A  series of pocket guides for explorers to help you discover and broaden your knowledge of Egypt’s rich past and exciting present, packed with information and brilliantly illustrated with color photographs, maps, drawings—all in just 48 pages.

Handy guides for your CSA trips and tours.

  • Alexandria and the North Coast
  • Coptic Egypt
  • Islamic Cairo
  • Oases, the
  • Pyramids, the
  • Sinai
  • The Fayoum and Wadi El Ryan

Learning Arabic

The Arabic Alphabet
How to Read and Write It
Nicolas Awde and Putros Samano

This book is designed to help students of written Arabic, as well as visitors and people doing business in Egypt and the Middle East, over the initial hurdle of the alphabet. The book proceeds step by step through all the letters, showing how they are formed, the sounds they stand for and how they are combined into words.

Children's Books


An ABC Escapade through Egypt – 75 LE soft cover
By Bernadette Simpson

Discover some of the man wonders of Egypt on this alphabetical escapade – foods like mangoes and konafa, animals such as foxes and jerboas, and places like the Red Sea and Zamalek. At each letter of the alphabet, stop to explore fun alliterative phrases, colorful photographs, and interesting facts. 


In Ancient Egypt – 40 LE

by Salima Ikram

Hoopoe Books


A series of fun and interesting books on ancient Egypt for the young. These books will broaden their knowledge of ancient Egypt, its traditions and culture in a very illustrative and simple manner.


·        Mummies and Tombs

·        The Pharaohs

·        Land and People

·        Egyptology

·        Gods and Temples




Tales from Ancient Egypt – 40 LE

by George Hart

Hoopoe Books


Seven tales of animals, pharaohs, gods and magicians. The original stories were written thousands of years ago on pieces of papyrus. Tales from Ancient Egypt takes you inside the imagination of the land of the pharaohs.










Festivals of Egypt – 40 LE

by Jailan Abbas

Hoopoe Books


Festivals of Egypt takes you on a tour of the main festivals of Egypt, including their origins, and is full of color photographs and beautiful illustrations. There are also songs and some tasty festive recipes.










Folk Tales of Egypt – 40 LE

by Denys Johnson-Davies

Hoopoe Books


The stories in this book have been adapted from tales told by word of mouth in various parts of Egypt. The atmosphere of these tales is colorful and exciting.










An Ancient Egypt  ABC – 40 LE

Ilustrations by Walid Taher

Hoopoe Books


Have fun learning the ancient Egyptian alphabet. 24 color pictures of famous people and things from Ancient Egypt. Covers all the letters of the alphabet, capital and small a wall frieze of 3.8 meters long including an ABC coloring book.








by Roy Holland

Hoopoe Books


Have fun learning the ancient numbers with Yuya and Meret. They will be your guides o the world of numbers and are ready to show you how they worked things out over 3000 years ago. This books is packed with activities and is a new way to explore Egypt and a great way to get your brain spinning back in time.


First Aid Books

CSA's Village Gift Shop stocks a great range of useful books to help you prepare for medical emergencies.

First Aid and Emergency Preparedness
By American Red Cross
When seconds count, help is at your fingertips with this quick reference guide.
Bites, and stings, Burns, Choking, Drowning, Emergency Preparedness etc.

In the meantime, why not come into the Village Gift Shop to see what we have!

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