CSA Art Exhibition

CSA aims to host a continuing series art exhibitions, featuring artists from all calibers, backgrounds and realms who posses talent in varying art mediums, be it painting, photography or sculpture.

CSA believes art is a key component to understanding and appreciating beauty in addition to cross – culture bridging between different cultures and mindsets .We also believe in promoting local ,as well as expatriate ,artists and giving them the opportunity to grow and develop in their field.

H'Art Gallery

CSA is proud to host an exhibition of works curated by Halla El Sokkari. H'Art is a dynamic online gallery for promoting and exhibiting contemporary works by renowned and up-and-coming Egyptian artists. The event will be ongoing from early September to November 5, 2015.

The idea behind H'Art is to promote an appreciation for art. H'art holds numerous exhibitions throughout the year at various venues. Featured artists include Wagih Yassa, Samir Fouad, Taher Abdel Azeem, Omar Abdel Zaher, Randa Ismail and several others.

Fatima El Shiati Art Exhibition

Take a trip back to a time in which music, art, design and architecture made groundbreaking changes worldwide. This collection of artwork allows you, through lyrics of popular songs and lovable characters, to be transported into a carefree era and a slower pace of life. The Fatima El Shiati Art Exhibition will be happening in the CSA garden from October 18 through November 1.

Lyrics and some of the silhouettes are borrowed from artists (performers and painters, of which sources will be available) to allow me to capture the spirit of the good old days.
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