Welcome to The Bookshelf, CSA's self-service library!

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of the library as we know it, as of December 2015. We thank you for your long-standing support and loyalty throughout the years.

As much as we all tried to make this community activity stay alive during these rapidly advancing technological times, we must face the fact that it is a dwindling desire for most, and is presently functioning at a loss.

As a continuation of this activity, we will have an open library known as “The Bookshelf” for our CSA members in various locations such as beside the classrooms of the CSA Language School, next to the Caffe Greco lounge. At these locations, you are free to grab a book, donate a book or swap a book!

Keep your eyes open for our giant book sales where you will be able to grab your favorite classics, mysteries and much more.

CSA Staff Welcomes You

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