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Information and Referral Center

CSA is here to make your transition into this new and exciting culture as smooth as possible.  Our referral specialists are trained to help you with any questions you may have, whether it deals with renting a home, arranging for utilities or finding a school for the children.  If we don’t know an answer, we will find the information for you.

CSA is here to serve you...

To help you find out all you need to settle in, find a service you need or a place for fun, browse our Fact sheets.

Just some of the expat services available

  • Maps of Maadi
  • Community Magazines
  • Welcome pack to help newcomers settle in
  • Referral lists for tutors, nurseries, pre-schools and regular schools
  • Notice boards with items listed for sale, flats for rent and all sorts of other useful information and happenings within the expatriate community in Cairo
  • Lost and Found

Our Volunteers

We would like to thank all our volunteers:

Anna Maes, Dominique Krayenbuhl, Gihan Amin, Hoda Fahmy, Hala Mahmoud, Jayne Kimmet, Jean Wood, Lina Zadaionia, Marylin Shaikh, Melten Gur, Maria Elia, Michelle Bowen, Mona El Emary, Nancy Adel, Renata Grignani, Renata Shehab El Din, Sue McDonough, Susan McDonough, Urike Von Ruecke, Virginie Lyko

Online Resources

Browse our online resources to help find answers to your questions about living in Egypt.

Fact sheets

CSA Magazine articles

Links to useful websites

Living in Egypt Toolkit

and don't forget our Gift Shop has a range of useful guide books.

Thanks to all supporters