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CSA Language School

Language Classes Available at CSA

Practical classes that teach you how deal with real life situations and communicate in the most effective and appropriate way

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We have a variety of courses designed to suit your needs.

1. Arabic

Survival Arabic 1
In this introductory class students will cover topics including greetings, directions, numbers, the calendar and shopping at the souk.

Survival Arabic 2
In this class students will progress to the topics of ordering food, the weather, colors, clothes and communicating with your housekeeper.

Business Arabic
In this class students will learn formal greetings, office communications, the calendar, numbers, and driving instructions.

Verbs Course 
In this classes students will get to practice their conjugation of verbs. 

Bedtime stories
Learn more about the local culture and practice your Arabic at the same time by listening to and discussing famous Arabic stories. 

 2.  English (Business Classes)

Market Leader
In this course students will learn how to make a career plan, create marketing campaigns, and discuss stressful situations, corporate entertaining and different sectors of business.

English for Emails 
In this course students will learn how to identify functions of email programs in English, make polite and formal requests, communicate urgency, discuss problems and solutions, set appointments and write complaints

Office Matters 
In this course students will learn how language skills that will help them to write business emails, field enquiry offers, make payments, prepare agendas, communicate effectively on the phone, attend trade fairs and exhibitions, make hotel arrangements, prepare CV's and a cover letter and handle delayed payments.

3.  Other classes


In this class student can building their self- esteem while talking about various topics with native speakers 

In this English class for children students will learn table etiquette, dress codes, greetings and party etiquette.

Speech Therapy (private)

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To sign up for language classes at CSA, please e-mail or call 0106 882 8539 / 022358 5284 / 022358 0754.
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