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Each month CSA offers different activities to inspire and introduce you to new places and aspects of life in Egypt. All of our Trips & Tours have been developed specifically
for expatriates and are offered to fit around your busy lifestyle. On our trips you will join a group of like-minded, motivated, and interested people.

* Explore the many hidden treasures in and around Cairo on a family weekend trip.

* Find the best bargains in town on a shopping trip.

* Join a cultural trip and explore the local culture.

* Escape on an adventure trip to the desert.


Glance into our Trips & Tours

Mokottem church
city of the dead
giza muscles
shahira mehez
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Trips & Tours

We create stimulating trips and tours to give you and your family an amazing experience of Egypt. We also offer private trips for visiting family and friends so they too can experience the wonders of Egypt.

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Art & Lifestyle

Art is Life. Get creative and join us in our wide selection of classes ranging from Photography, Wire Sculpting, and Candle Making, to Arabic Calligraphy.

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Upcoming Programs Activities

Monday, September 24, 2018
6:30 PM
Trips & Tours
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
10:30 AM
Trips & Tours
Saturday, September 29, 2018
9:00 AM

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10 reasons for taking a trip or tour with CSA

* Tailored to you and your family’s needs

* Choose between trips designed to get your life in Egypt started or to help you understand and appreciate what Egypt has to offer

* Convenient start and end times, and transportation; we pick and drop you off at CSA

* Offering a wide range of family oriented, cultural, and shopping trips to make discovering Egypt easy

* Practical trips to find out about Cairo and Maadi so you know where to go in a medical emergency or where are the best places to shop

* Over 30 years experience tailoring trips for expatriates’ needs

* Informed and approachable guides with great local and cultural knowledge who give a rich and enjoyable experience

* We help take the stress out of planning trips for visiting friends or family

* Join a group of like-minded, motivated and interested people who are also living in or visiting Egypt

* Small groups allow for maximum enjoyment!

Cooking Classes

We offer many cooking classes in a relaxed and friendly environment. Classes are designed for you to try out new flavors and experience new cuisines all the while in good company.

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Rules and Guidelines

To guarantee your place on a trip please book your trip well in advance. Please note that all trips have to be paid at least 5 days prior either in dollars or equivalent in EGP.

All trips are subject to cancellation if required number of bookings is not obtained.

Cancellation by the CSA: If a trip is cancelled the CSA will refund the cost of that trip.

Cancellation by the customer:
A minimum of 3 business days notice is required in order to obtain a full refund.
The original receipt must be presented when claiming a refund.

NEW Transportation Service

Do you live near New Cairo but can't find a ride to CSA?

CSA has a transportation service where it can pick you up on Sunday and Thursday from New Cairo and bring you to CSA, and from CSA back to New Cairo.

Pick up: Waterway Gate 3- New Cairo at 8.45am
Drop off: CSA - Maadi at 9.30am

Pick up: CSA - Maadi at 12.45pm
Drop off: Waterway Gate 3 - New Cairo at 1.45pm

For more information or booking, email programs@livinginegypt.org. or call 01058828539.

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