CSA Signature Events

CSA holds a number of signature and seasonal events throughout the year.



Upcoming CSA Events


Have any suggestions?

If you have any event ideas, please share with us! Email events@livinginegypt.org or call 0106 882 8541.

Calling all volunteers!

Would you like to be part of our events? If so, please email events@livinginegypt.org or call 0106 882 8541.

CSA Cultural Events

CSA hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year.



Regular Events

These events are carried out weekly, monthly, semi-annually, or annually at CSA.

 Taco Tuesday

Cook's Day Off

Farmer's Market

 Garden Bazaar

 Fashion Show

 Thai Buffet
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For more information about how to advertise with us, please contact advertise@livinginegypt.org or call CSA Reception at 0223585284 / 0223580754.

Seasonal Events at CSA

We offer many popular events to bring people closer together and what better way than through food?

We have our traditional International BBQ Nights in addition to ethnic events featuring Thai, Mexican, Indian, and more. At our events you will not only enjoy amazing food from different cultures but you will have great company as you meet people from around the world. Check our Events Calendar frequently so you don't miss out!

* BBQ Night
Let the CSA team cook for you! With 19 nationalities, you never know what will be available! In addition to the mouthwatering dishes prepared by our BBQ chef (including the traditional sides such as old fashioned coleslaw, potato salad, mashed potatoes), there will be an impressive dessert buffet! All of this is from the CSA team to you!

* Thai Buffet

Thai cuisine emphasizes light dishes with strong aromatic components. A cuisine known for integrating the five taste senses in every dish: hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the fragrant flavors of exotic Thai cuisine such as Chicken Curry, Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Pad Thai, Beef with Oyster Sauce, Fish Cake and more.

* Mexican Night
Influenced by Mexico’s time-honored traditions, please join us for an evening of fun, freshly prepared margaritas, and authentic Mexican specialties!
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