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Support Services for Your Employees

CSA Corporate Employee Support Services

Help us help your international employees succeed in Egypt - The cost of a failed assignment is too great to let it go unnoticed!

Did you know that the failure of an international assignment could cost in the range of three – four times an employee’s salary. Close to 50% of relocations fail because of cultural difficulties and family issues…. Family issues are the cause of more than 80 % of failed relocations.The combined cost of a failed relocation might be more than a million dollars...

Whether you’re employees have just arrived or have been here for a while, CSA is here to assist your international employee adjust to work and life in Egypt. We understand the importance of positive adjustment and ongoing in-country support when moving to a new country. We specialize in supporting and helping expatriates adjust ad benefit from working and living in Egypt through our comprehensive range of services and products.

To assist your employees with the practical concerns of relocation, CSA offers:

  • Welcome Packs: Containing Living in Egypt Toolkit CD-Rom, Fact sheets, CSA information. Packs can be made available pre and post departure.
  • Fundamental of Living in Egypt Seminar: Orientation program - 2 day seminar including Cairo’s Neighborhood tour.
  • Planning for a medical emergency seminar: Lean what to do in a medical emergency in Cairo.
  • Cross Cultural Training: Knowledge and tools to bridge the gab between cultures and to facilitate working arcos cultures.
  • Arabic Language Classes
  • Trips & Tours suitable for family days and company outings
  • Corporate Events: Annual Green and Gold Gala Event, Have a Ball Ladies Golf Tournament and Party in the Park Family Day.
  • Membership to Fitness Centre, CSA Library (English) and DVD club (English)

Why work with CSA

Too many international assignments fail due to cultural difficulties and family issues, we are here to help your employees and their families succeed and overcome these very common challenges. The cost of a failed international assignment is too great to let it go unnoticed! Help us help your international employees in Egypt. Join us and get access to our unique and essential services and products that will make a different to your international employees.

We also offer a CSA Employee Incentive Package available for up to 15 employees which provide discounted rates for our Orientation Programs, Languages Classes and Fitness Training center.

For more information about our corporate services, please email General Manager Denden Alcantara at

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