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Links Directory

Great Websites Help You Settle.

Our links directory will grow over time into a tool that we are sure you will find valuable, filled with links to great websites that will help you settle in and enjoy your time living in Egypt.

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Links Directory

Our links directory will grow over time into a tool that we are sure you will find valuable, filled with links to great websites that will help you settle in and enjoy your time living in Egypt.

We welcome any suggestions you might have for links or comments, in general, about our website, it's content and design. Please forward comments to

Community Websites

American College Degree Programs - Earn your degree online in record time from top universities.

Maadi Community Church - Your home church away from home! In our inter-nation and interdenominational congregation you'll find that Maadi Community Church is a place where you really matter; because you matter to God!

Maadi Community School - Maadi Community School (MCS) is an established international Christian institute for education from Kindergarten to Grade 10 (UK Year 1 through Year 11), with English as the language of instruction, offering high quality education at an affordable cost to the children of expatriate Christians living and working in Egypt. - is a comprehensive college directory with many resources useful to prospective students and parents interested in advancing their education.

Egypt Information Websites

American University in Cairo - The mission of the American University in Cairo (AUC) is to provide high quality educational opportunities to students from all segments of Egyptian society as well as from other countries, and to contribute to Egypt's cultural and intellectual life.

Egyptian State Information Service - This web site covers all aspects of living in Egypt. It is Egypt's official site on the net and has a sound information base including SIS publications, daily updates as well as a stream of information on politics, culture, history, economy and tourism.

Global Outpost Services - Local information sources, book, newspapers and publications and website resources for living in Egypt.

Information and Decision Support Center - The IDSC's developmental studies and economic analyses lend support the decision makers to reach the main target of the Egyptian government which is a better life to citizens. This site contains a wealth of information about Egypt, covering topics ranging from economics to health to culture.

Employment Websites


Career Mideast

Jobs in Egypt


Websites for Expatriates

A Portable Identity - A Portable Identity is an interactive book with exercises, stories, and information to assist expatriate women to take charge of the changes associated with a move overseas. It is a valuable expatriate resource that can be utilized at any stage of the move, from pre-departure to arrival, and while living overseas.

Allo' Expat - Connecting Expats worldwide: Resource for the expatriate community around the world. Includes Country dedicated information and discussion forums.

American University in Cairo Press - The AUC Press is the leading English-language publishing house in the Middle East. It publishes annually up to 100 wide-ranging academic texts and general interest books on ancient and modern Egypt and the Middle East, as well as Arabic literature in translation, for distribution worldwide, and maintains a backlist of more than 1500 high-quality scholarly, literary, and general interest publications. It also operates five Bookstores, unique for their extensive English-language selection of more than 20,000 titles, their longstanding tradition of international bookselling experience, and their professional staff.

Britnet - We have left home for many reasons, to study, to work or maybe to be with family. Whatever your reason for leaving, Britnet is here for you. Britnet is an ever expanding set of web pages designed to help put you in contact with other Brits, help you find those elusive British groceries and even find companies who offer special services to expatriates.

Canuck Abroad - A resource for Canadian expatriates abroad, or Canadians planning to travel. You'll find links and information about cheap flights and tickets, cheap trains, hostels, hotels, guide books, overseas jobs, and more.

Career by Choice blog - Expat prodessional and business success tips.

Contact Expats - A fast and friendly way to communicate with other people around the globe. Making the world a smaller place.

Distant Brits - Delivering a taste of home away from home. We've been expats too and know only too well that intense craving for a particular food or brand when it's just not available locally. With over 4,500 British products available to purchase, we are the largest online retailer catering specifically for British expatriates.

Easy Expat - International Relocation - Help for expatriates on overseas moving and relocation abroad (Paris, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Montreal, New York, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan, Brussels, Geneva): accommodation, jobs, international schools, health.

- For more than ten years ExpatFinder has been committed to helping expats access useful information about life abroad through high-quality, data-led campaigns featured in top media publications and websites worldwide.

Expat Communities - A directory of more than 110 countries with sizeable English-speaking (and usually international as well) expatriate communities.

Expat Expert - Robin Pascoe welcomes your questions about expatriate life. Ask away!

Expat Focus - International living advice, employment overseas, buying property abroad, international insurance and expatriate mortgages. Join our lively expat community today! Get help finding international insurance cover, overseas property, job opportunities abroad and investment advice, including pensions and retirement planning. Keep in touch with other expats through our forum, email discussion list and monthly newsletter.

Expat World - The newsletter of international living. Welcome to the Electronic Edition of Expat World. The only bureaucracy busting newsletter you'll ever need. – News and information for the International Community.

Expats Reunite - With thousands of members from more than 185 countries we have established ourselves as the truly international site for anyone looking to make friends or find lost friends or contacts anywhere in the world. - We are a free source of information for British expatriates, contracting or living overseas, almost a UK expats yellow pages.

Expats-in-Poland - Moving to Poland? Check this site for all the information you need to know if your assignment is taking you to Poland. This site offers extensive information and services for foreigners, including immigration, work permits, driving licenses, renting and buying property, healthcare, education and more. Also useful for tourists.

ExpatWomen - A free web site helping all expatriate women from all nationalities in any country in the world, share experiences and advice, find resources for living in a foreign country, with a monthly newsletter featuring the success story, mentor, reader story, book of the month, plus other interesting articles.

Global Gophers - Send care packages and hampers to college students especially those abroad. Shopping abroad has never been so easy. Buy British, French and American treats using the Gopher service.

International Health Insurance, Expat Travel Medical Coverage Online - International Health Insurance - Global Expatriate Medical Insurance, Patriot Travel, Global Life and Income Coverage, plus Medical and Security Evacuation services from SOS and our virtual agency. Free online quotes and purchase today.

InterNations is the first international online community for people who live and work abroad. As a network based on trust, we enable our members to interact with other global minds in a similar situation, with comparable interests and needs. InterNation users can keep in touch with friends and business contacts; they can exchange reliable information on expat-specific topics, both on a global and a local level.

Living In The Philippines - Philippines Largest Information Resource of Services and Advice for Expats, Travelers, Tourists, Retirement, Military Persons Retiring, Relocating, Planning to Live in Philippines.

Tales From a Small Planet - Here is the Real Scoop on the real places where we live around the world. Anecdotes, impressions, frustrations, and joys. Life beyond the official word in many of the important cities around the world.

The Trailing Spouse - Yvonne McNulty's site is devoted to the concerns of trailing spouses, with relevant articles, information, and the latest research (you can also participate in her survey).

Transitions Abroad - Essential Articles, Resources and Web Sites for Expatriates and others interested in International Living.  is a social network launched in November 2009 to fill a void repatriates (returnees and returning expats) experience when returning to a country used to call home. Whoever went through the process knows that the transition is difficult: Reverse Culture shock, insufficient recognition of the skills honed abroad, not to mention the difficulty to locate centralized/ up to date resources and support (administrative, professional, and personal) facilitating the return to a country that has become foreign in many ways.

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