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CSA News

Thank you for attending 7th Maadi Food Festival

April 26, 2018

Thank you for attending the CSA’s 7th Maadi Food Fest!

The event was held on a lovely spring Friday - April 20th, 2018 - and featured a wide variety of food vendors and partners who diligently presented their quality cooking, products and serves.

The event featured  Akl Farida, Andalusia Hospitals, Cafe Greco, Chef Awatef, Chef Mam, Coca-Cola, Conrad Cairo (Solana), Drinkies, Al Dayaa, ElMadina ElMonawara, FilKhedma, Fine Touch Restaurant & Café, Fit Baking, Glow, Gourmet Egypt, Holiday Inn Cairo Maadi (Little Italy Restaurant & Pool Lounge & Grill), Indulge, Leaven, Lyfe, Ma7ali, Mzr3ty, Orabi Organic Farm, RE/MAX FAB, REPS Fitness Center, Sedra, Smart Art, Snack Rack, Sweets & Treats, Swiss Education Group, The White Owl, Urban Greens and Zooba.

Our special thank you also go to our event sponsors , Holiday Inn Cairo Maadi as well as Coca-Cola, Dasani, Cappy, Schweppes and our beloved Drinkies  for keeping our guests hydrated.  Dubai Drums pepped up the atmosphere with their lively drumming circles!  Our little ones had a great time getting busy with diverse arts and crafts activities organized by Art Café and being puzzled with the interactive pieces provided by ToyWorld – LEGO. Not only this, Dragon Island provided them with special treat of cotton candy and popcorn.

To add to the excitement, our raffle included amazing prizes provided by Siwa, Swiss Inn Pyramids Golf Resort, Helnan Dreamland Hotel and Sweets & Treats!

Looking forward to having you again in the CSA upcoming events and activities!!

here to check out the photos. 

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