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CSA News

CSA Value Card

March 27, 2018

Do you have a CSA Value Card? You are not sure what it is?

The CSA Value Card provides discounts and benefits from more than 50+ select partners and businesses around Egypt!

Partners and businesses that offer discounts and benefits for the Value Card holders include:
> Holiday Inn Cairo Maadi
> Conrad Cairo Hotel
> Strand Beach & Golf Resort Taba Heights
> As- Salam International Hospital
> مستشفيات أندلسية - Andalusia Hospitals
> Tutti Matti

To find out more go to…/ValueCard/ValueCardBenefits.aspx

If you are interested in offering benefits to our value card holders, email

If you are interested to apply and learn more, visit CSA front desk or visit

For more information, email or call 010068828540

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