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CSA Cares

CSA cares about the community in which we live and work and takes an active interest in championing the ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts of our partners in the local community!

We are thrilled to introduce this new section of our website to feature news, reports and to highlight the many great community social responsibility initiatives from CSA and our community partners.

CSA is dedicated to share the stories of the many projects and events taking place in our host country of Egypt by our partners.

This section of our website merits your regular visits! Please check back to see what local efforts are happening in your community!

Charities CSA supports

Major Charitable Associations CSA Supports

  • Helm Foundation
  • Hope Village Society
  • Marwa Fayed's Toy Run
  • Bashayer
  • El BEdaya
  • Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA)
  • Egypt Network for Integrated Development (ENID)
  • Association for the Protection of the Environment
  • Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE)
  • Life Vision for Development
  • The Egyptian Society for Persons with Autism & Other Disabilities (ADVANCE)
  • Rotary
  • Les Amis Des Chiffonniers de Torah
  • Animal Masreya
  • Maadi Yoga Group
  • Misr El Kheir Foundation
  • Baharia Handicrafts
  • Environmental Developmental Association Moatamadeia
  • Egyptian Mau Rescue (EMRO)
  • Green Egypt
  • Helwan Association Development
  • EBOO
  • Latino Ladies
  • Mokkatam Zabaleen
  • Romana Association
  • African Group for Developments
  • Warshet Kheir
  • Bushret Kheir
  • Maadi Coptic Society
  • El Nidaa Artizana Egyptian Crafts
  • Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE)
  • Ahl Misr
  • Aghsan El Karma Center for Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Maadi Envrionmental Rangers
  • Tukul Crafts - Self Reliance for Refugees - All Saints Cathedral
  • Maadi Community Church
  • Health & Hope Oasis (Friends of Children with Cancer)
  • The Handcraft Bahariya Project
  • St. Andrews Church
  • Egypt Unites for Animal Rights (EUFAR)
  • Mesbah al Mude' - Shining Lantern
  • Sisters of Charity Mother Therese Congregaations
  • Maadi Women's Guild
  • St. John's Church - The Family Church
  • CARAVAN Festival of the Arts

Highlights on Initiatives & Projects

  • Ongoing selling of products of various local women entrepreneurs and charities in CSA Village Gift shop
  • Ongoing complimentary tables for various charities in CSA’s monthly bazaars
  • Ongoing articles in CSA Oasis monthly magazine covering various charity activities and initiative
  • Donation of clothes through La Boutique consignment store
  • Bi-annual REPS Fitness Center Spinning Marathon where percentage of the proceeds are donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE)
  • From Qena with Love – Art Exhibition with Egypt Network for Integrated Development (ENID)
  • Selling of cookbook compiled by the wives of Apache Egypt employees  at the CSA Village Gift shop to contribute to the support of the Springboard- Educating the Future’s One-Room Schools for Egypt’s Girls
  • CSA Soccer Day Tournament where percentage of the proceeds were donated to the Rotary Club of Giza Metropolitan’s Gift of Life project
  • Charities complimentary booths and representation in CSA Events for fundraising and/or awareness activities
  • Donation collection boxes at CSA Reception for Marwa Fayed’s Toy Run
  • Donation collection boxes at CSA Reception for Maadi Community Church
  • La Boutique Garage Sales for the local community
  • CSA Library donations of old glossy magazines to the Association for Protection of the Environment (APE)
  • CSA and Cairo Fit organized Ride4Life to promote and raise awareness of Breast Cancer with BCFE 
  • Support for the BG Energy Challenge in Egypt raising funds for CARE Egypt

Thanks to all supporters