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Advertise With Us

The integrated marketing options at CSA allows your company to be seen by a wider international audience.

CSA’s promotion & branding delivers your company an extensive recognition to our expatriate audience. Our information and referral team is well-versed in transactional analysis dedicated to answering questions on all matters concerning life in Egypt. CSA endorsement is highly valued by our audience and considered a very useful source of information. We help with inquiries about services such as trips, travels, product /company endorsement and community happenings. 

CSA has the highest concentration of expatriates in one place. This makes it the best place to position your company for premier brand awareness, with a platform to drive specific initiatives to our high value circle of clientele.

»     CSA is "the place to be"... noticed by promoting your company on our premises!
On-site promotion delivers your company extensive and exclusive recognition with distribution of promotional materials on-site as well as on-site branding. CSA is the perfect place to display your company’s promotional materials and reach a great proportion of the expatriates living in Cairo.

»     CSA is "the place to be"... for a competitive advantage (by advertising in Oasis Magazine)!
Oasis Magazine delivers your company a strong presence to a targeted audience. Our monthly magazine, Oasis, targets the international expatriate community living and working in Greater Cairo. 5,000 copies are distributed per month with readership figures averaging four readers per copy. Superb advertising opportunities are available.

»     CSA is "the place to be"... for increased visibility & reach by advertising on our website!
CSA online delivers your company a global audience. You can place advertisements or include direct links to your organization's website.

»     CSA is "the place to be"... in good company!
Participation in CSA Events delivers your company uniquely direct contact with other community leaders. Join with other CSA partners from the wider business community. CSA hosts at least three main events throughout the year with our signature Green & Gold Gala (GGG) being at the forefront.

What are the benefits of advertising with CSA?

»     Support the CSA charity

»     Create a foundation of social networking to the expatriate community

»     Audience selectivity

»     Cost-efficiency

»     Prestige

»     Authoritative and trusted information source 

»     24/7 global reach

»     Cross-platform marketing

»     Cross-promotion opportunities

»     Instant response directed to your website

»     Flexible design

What are the advertising opportunities available at CSA?

»     e-Newsletter

CSA's e-Newsletter delivers your company to a dominant, targeted expatriate audience through our exclusive mailing list of nearly five thousand subscribers. 

»     Website

The CSA website,, is a valuable online independent information resource for the international expatriate community living and working in Greater Cairo. It is a continuously visited website, highly valued by our audience and gets extensive traffic from a global clientele.

»     Oasis Magazine

Oasis Magazine (10 editions annually, 5,000 copies per issue) delivers your company and its brands into the hands of our expatriate clientele, acknowledging you as a CSA advertising partner.

»     Bulletin board

CSA endorsement is highly valued by our audience and considered very useful source of information, we continue helping with inquiries about services like trips, product /company endorsement and community happenings.

»     Classifieds

»     Flyer distribution

»     LCD screens

CSA will provide your company with positive brand association and brand elevation in the marketplace through our LCD screens with their non-stop endorsement marquee. We have LCD screens located at: the CSA point of entry, Reception (heavy traffic from global audience), the garden crossroad between the three CSA buildings.

»     Marketplace listings

The CSA Community Marketplace is an online directory listing of businesses offering services that recommended and/or tested by the CSA expat community. There are over a thousand entries and more than ten additions per month.

»     Events

CSA offers the opportunity for your company to be present in one CSA event (does not include the CSA annual “Green & Gold Gala and Golf Classic”) on CSA’s premises to include the following benefits: promotional material distribution (before and after event), 2 meter by 2 meter stand-up, and the opportunity to display two 200 x 90 cm roll up banners.

»     … and more

How to advertise

For more information about advertising with us, please visit:

Advertise in Oasis Magazine

Advertise on

You can also contact or call CSA Reception at 0223585284 / 0223580754.

Thanks to all supporters