CSA - The place to be.

Set in the heart of Maadi, CSA has been the top destination for expatriates since 1980. We offer a wide range of services aiming to help you settle in to life in Egypt, discover more about your new home and ways to develop new skills while you're here.

Take a seat in our peaceful garden with a cup of coffee from Caffe Greco, pick up an Oasis Magazine or a book from The Bookshelf, and meet your friends for lunch here. While you're around, do some shopping, browse the unique items at our monthly bazaars, or just sit in the sun and get away from the noise.

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About Us

The Community Services Association (CSA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the international community of greater Cairo.

Located in Cairo, our year-round community center is a natural gathering place for expatriates. We are based in a 3-story building with an outdoor garden that is centrally located in Maadi, one of the most popular neighborhoods for expatriates in Cairo.

CSA offers a vast range of services and programs to keep you stimulated throughout your stay in Egypt. We have the resources and tools for you to learn new skills, discover the local culture and language, keep your mind and body active, and connect with other like-minded expatriates in a relaxed and friendly environment.
The center is a popular destination that includes a range of facilities including a popular café, information desk, gift shop, showroom, secondhand shop, a conference room, and full scale fitness center (including fitness classes and mind/body classes). A unique combination of daily activities, delivered on site and off site such as newcomers seminar, bazaars, trips & tours, wellness workshops, language classes, cooking classes and welcoming activities aim to ensure that you, as an expatriate, have "a home away from home" in Cairo.

If you are new to Egypt, CSA is your one-stop center for practical information and newcomer support.


What began as a grassroots, pioneering concept of Mrs. Betty Atherton, wife of the American Ambassador to Egypt, in cooperation with foreign companies, in 1980, has evolved into a multi-faceted service organization that assists expatriates in their adjustment to life in Egypt and supports them to enjoy their experience here – in short, a home away from home.

Rooted in this tradition, CSA is an integral part of the international expatriate community in Greater Cairo with a mission to foster a sense of community among the international expatriates living and working in Egypt so that they can make a positive contribution to themselves, their families, employers and local society.

Today, CSA offers a wide range of services and programs dedicated to assisting the international community to feel supported, connected and comfortable in their host country. CSA assists a huge variety of over 80 nationalities, prior to arrival in Egypt through departure, and is funded through a combination of user fees, fundraising events and sponsor contributions.

CSA, for many expatriates, is a crucial and secure place of great importance and a lifeline in Cairo.

Brochure about CSA

To download the CSA Brochure about all that CSA offers, click here

Our Objectives

  • Ensure CSA is a vibrant community centre with compelling reasons to be a destination for expatriates
  • Structure institution to ensure CSA is an enduring organization
  • Provide services and activities to accelerate adaptation and ease transition as the #1 resource for in-country support
  • Be a customer centric one stop shop that exceeds the needs of expatriates on assignment in Egypt.
We achieve this by providing expatriates with: 
  • The information and guidance they need to ease their transitions during their time in Cairo.
  • Support for when they need it in times of difficulty.
  • An informal social network to build relationships that enhance their experience.
  • Opportunities to learn, develop themselves, explore and be healthy.
  • The tools to develop their understanding and respect for the wider community in which they are living.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
 “To foster a sense of community and enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of expatriates through a combination of services, products and an informal social network”.
Our Vision
 “That all expatriates living and working in Cairo are supported, connected and comfortable in their surroundings so that they can have a positive and enriching experience while living in Egypt and that CSA is a vibrant community center that exceeds the needs of expatriates for orientation, entertainment, recreation, information, education, fitness and personal well being.”

Our Values

CSA ascribes to the following beliefs:
  • Innovation in meeting the community needs
  • Recognition and celebration of diverse international community
  • Needs and expectations of customers are at forefront of our decisions
  • A secular, politically non-partisan approach to all issues
  • A non-judgmental approach in dealing with community of users that demonstrates understanding, respect, caring and leadership in providing services and resources
Thanks to all supporters